The creative moniker of William Tongue—a designer, illustrator, writer, and Bachelors' graduate of the Whanganui School of Design. That's me, by the way. TUNG started off as a deliberately wrong spelling of my surname in high school, and eventually morphed into a concise sort of pseudonym / signature used in everything I do. In Adamsian biology terms, I am a five-foot-six-inch-tall ape / stardust-descendant. In visual terms, I look like that guy up there. (Photo by Curtis Bunker)

With illustration, because it came naturally at an early age (like two or three years old) and grew into a passion, a hobby, and a way of making real the things in my head. With design, an art teacher told me to not do tertiary fine arts because the tutorswereall fuddy-duddies who would erase uniqueness and/or destroy creativity. (Apparently. This was never confirmed.) I make what I want to exist so it's outside my head, because it doesn't exist in the world—and someone out there probably wants the samething.I've got a particular fondness of bold visuals and organic analog methods to add a unique flair to both digital and physical media.

In New Zealand with my computer and my books, in my room, in a weird stage of life. If you want to contact me, my email is If you want to talk to me in person, you should softly whisper my nameinto a river stone on the night of a waxing moon.

Thanks for asking mate. Not bad yeah, yourself?
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